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17 May
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Hey there! My name is Sam, & I'm desperately in love with Harry Potter. I've been with him since the beginning! I just found my way into the world of fanfiction, & I couldn't get enough. After reading tons of stories, I decided I wanted to write my own. Many failed attempts later, I found the perfect story to write. Thus, this journal. If you wanna contact me, I'll be on aim on either of these screen names: shxtgun lullibyx or killtehxscenexxx. If you would like, add me on my regular journal: emo___lushuzzzz because anyone who loves Harry Potter as much as me is always a friend. :)

Anyway, I ship Ginny/Draco and Lily/James all the way. Those are my two favorite to write and read. I also adore Draco/Harry slashes, or Draco/Ron. Even a couple of Harry/Lupin have worked their way into my heart. The femmeslash I love most is Luna/Ginny, and even some Hermione/Ginny. Although, there doesn't seem to be too many femmeslash out there.

Now, enough with the chitchat! *fangirl screams erupting from inside of me* onward ho!