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Mwuahahaha, I know Marty doesn't like Lily/James stories, but I love them. So, I decided to write one. Here's the first two *gasp!* chapters. They haven't really gotten off yet, but it will. Oh, indeed it will. *laughs maniacally*

                                                                Chapter One

Lily Evans took a deep breath and raised her fist.  She could hear the giggles of her 6th year roommates behind her.  “Prats” she muttered, as she knocked on the door.

“Ohmygawd!  She did it!” a girl squealed.

“Well she had no choice.” said another.

“Lets leave.” said yet another girl.

Lily could hear their footsteps proceeding down the stone steps that led up to the boys dormitories.  Then, the door opened revealing a boy with black hair, smokey grey eyes, and a smile that could melt stone.  Sirius Black.  Infamous Marauder, and best friend to the most sought after boy at Hogwarts - James Potter.  The two boys had become instant friends when they met on the Hogwarts Express, both having an undying love to prank people, and an uncanny resemblance.  Same color hair, same height, and same attitude.  The only difference was the eyes.  As I said, Sirius’s eyes were grey, James’s eyes were brown.    Soon, they met up with another pair of boys – the first was Remus Lupin, a quiet, shy book-loving fellow, with sandy blonde hair and piercing blue eyes.  The other, Peter Pettigrew, a chubby lad with watery green eyes and a pointy nose.  He really didn’t fit into the group, but the point was, they accepted him.  Thus, the Marauders were born.  Most teachers loved them because they got good grades, others not so much, because they always talked, the guys envied them because they had good looks, and the girls swooned around them, practically throwing themselves at their feet.  All but one, that is.

Lily Evans was not the type of girl to socialize.  She didn’t have a single friend, due to her vigorous studying in the library.  That, and the Marauders loved to pick on her.  She had quite the temper, and everyone called her the “ice queen” behind her back, except those more daring (like Sirius and James), to her face.  Eventually, people stopped acknowledging her all together.  The only ones who did notice her were the teachers.  She was the prize student, always paid attention and took good notes.  Always got top scores on her exams.  Always followed the rules.  She never let anything get to her – except the Marauders.  Now there was a bunch of boys who were arrogant, immature, and downright nasty.  She hated them with every fiber of her being, she didn’t care if they lived or died.  But the thing about them that got to her the most was James Potter.  He was the meanest, most arrogant of them all, but he constantly asked her out.  She couldn’t escape it.

So why was this girl, who clearly didn’t want anything to do with the Marauders, knocking on their dormitory door?

Well, it all started when she was studying for her potions exam on her bed.  Her chatty roommates came in talking about something or other, when the gossip girl herself, Jean Atkins, interrupted Lily from her studies.

“Have you ever heard of truth or dare?”

Lily looked up from her book, not sure if she was being spoken to or not.  She knew Jean hated her, and always had for some reason.  But when she saw that Jean was looking right at her, she replied.  “Yes, it’s a muggle game, is it not?”

Jean scoffed.  “That game muggles play is hardly truth or dare.  They never do the dares assigned to them because they chicken out, and they always lie.”

“Oh?” said Lily, not really paying attention anymore.

“Yes.  Wizards invented truth or dare, because if you pick truth, it’s kind of like you drank Veritaserum, so you have to tell the truth.  And if you pick dare, you have to complete it otherwise you start feeling ill and eventually have to go to the hospital wing for a week or two.”

“Thats nice.” said Lily, who was engrossed in her Potions book again.

Jean rolled her eyes.  “Lily Evans, I challenge you to a game of truth or dare.”

“How childish.  I’d much prefer to study for our Potions exam.”

“It’s not for another week!” spoke a girl with curly blonde hair, whose name was Michele.

“Yes well thats why I pass my exams.  I study before hand.”

“You’re scared, aren’t you, Lily?”

At this, Lily closed her Potions book and said “I’m in.”  She hated it when people called her scared.  Because she, Lily Evans, was not afraid of anything.  In fact, her ego was as big as any of the Marauders - but she would never admit that.  Ever.

The girls around her squealed.  They all situated themselves in a circle, and Jean began.  “We’ll start out slow, go around and ask truth first.  Lily I assume you’ve never played before the Wizard way, so we won’t start out on dares yet.  Okay, Michele, what is your deepest, most dark secret, that you’ve never told anyone... not even your best friend.”

Michele looked frightened, and glanced at Bailey, her best friend.  “I slept with Baileys boyfriend last summer.”  Immediately, she clasped her hands over her mouth and looked horrified.  Bailey just stared at her, tears welling up in her eyes.  “How could you?” she managed to gasp out.

Lily looked around at the girls.  “This is unbelievably disgusting.” she muttered.  Jean smiled and said, “Michele, your turn.”

Michele who was now on the verge of tears turned to Bailey and said, “do you know who stole my diamond necklace last year?  And if you do, where is it?”  Bailey started to fidget and said, “I stole it, and it’s at the bottom of the lake.”  She then looked mortified.

“This is ridiculous!” Lily yelled, throwing her hands up.

“Your turn Bailey.”

“Lily, are you a virgin?”

She opened her mouth to say no, but instead the truth came out.  “Yes I am.”

The girls surrounding her looked impressed.  “Wow” Bailey said.

“Your turn to ask me,” said Jean.

“Oh... um... why don’t you like me?”

“I’m jealous of you, who couldn’t see that?  You have the love of James Potter, and it’s not fair!  You’re so pretty, much prettier than I am.  I hate you for that.”

Lily looked shocked.  “Jean I–” she began, but got cut off.

“Save it.  Lets play some dare.”

“Yesssss!” squealed Michele.

“Is this what you guys do all day?” inquired Lily, who was just now realizing why the three of them were always doing crazy things.

“Yep, sure do!” said Bailey.

Lily rolled her eyes and said, “I really have to go study...”

“Lily, why do you hate James Potter?” asked Michele suddenly.  And of course, they were still playing the game so Lily automatically answered.

“He’s an arrogant, egotistical womanizer who can’t get his huge inflated head out of his arse.”

“Then I have the perfect dare for you,” said Bailey smiling evilly.

“Er...” Lily looked positively uncomfortable.

“I dare you to go into the boys room and kiss James on the lips.  Tongue and all!”


“You have to do it,” said Jean.

“I will not.” said Lily resolutely as she went over to sit on her bed.  Suddenly, her insides constricted, and she started retching.

“See!” said Michele, laughing.

Tears welled up in Lily’s eyes.  “I can’t kiss him!” she said.

“You have to do it” repeated Jean.  Then she got up and dragged Lily down the stairs, with her protesting the whole way.

And that is how Lily Evans found herself staring up at Sirius Black, who was looking thoroughly confused.

“Er... what do you want Evans?”

“To see Potter” she spat.


“Lily?!” she heard excitement in James’s voice as he jogged over to the door.  “Milady,” he bowed gracefully.  “How would thou like to accompany me on a date this fine evening?”

“For the last time, Potter, I will not ever go out with you.  I just need to speak to you alone for a second.” she wound her hands into fists, and her nails were digging into her skin but she didn’t care.  James closed the door, and looked at Lily with apprehension.  She grimaced, and stood on her tip-toes, because James was quite a few inches taller than her.  She leaned in, and crashed her lips onto his.  He was shocked, he didn’t move for a few seconds until it hit him.

The girl of my dreams is kissing me.  KISS BACK YOU IDIOT!  So he did.

She ran her tongue across his bottom lip requesting entrance.  He opened immediately, and their tongues became intertwined.  After a few seconds Lily pulled away.

“That was bloody fantastic.” James breathed.

“Yeah, well don’t get used to it.” Lily said with so much venom in her voice, James was taken aback.  “It was a dare, given by a stupid bint.  I had to do it.”

For a second, Lily thought she saw hurt flash across James’s face, but she had to have imagined it because it was gone when she looked again.

“So Lily-”

“Fuck you James.”

“But I-”

“Don’t care.”

Then Lily turned around and stalked back to the girls dorm.  When she entered, the girls started to bombard her with questions, but she ignored them and pulled the hangings around her curtain shut.

Then she started to cry.

                                                               Chapter Two

“Lily?” said Bailey as she poked her head through the bed hangings.  Normally she wouldn’t give Lily the time of day, but she had never shown a weakness before, so naturally, Bailey was curious.  She glared at Jean and Michele who were silently making fun of Lily in a corner.  Luckily they noticed, so they left the room laughing the whole way.  “Insufferable gits,” Bailey muttered as she turned back to Lily.

“Go away” said Lily miserably.

“Why?  Lils, what happened?”

Lily stiffened.  Her father was the only one who ever called her Lils.  No, don’t think about that.

“You three happened.” she managed to say between sobs.

“What did we do?”

“YOU MADE MY ALREADY MISERABLE EXISTENCE, EVEN MORE MISERABLE!” Lily couldn’t stand it any longer.  She hated the way she was treated, it just wasn’t fair.  She never did anything to anyone.  “YOU THINK THAT JUST BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE ANY FRIENDS, DOESN’T MEAN I DON’T HAVE FEELINGS!  I KNOW WHY YOU GUYS MADE ME PLAY THAT BLOODY GAME... JUST TO MAKE FUN OF ME!  I SAW JEAN AND MICHELE LAUGHING, AND I KNOW THEY WERE LAUGHING AT ME!  I HATE YOU GUYS... YOU AND YOUR FUCKING GAMES...” then she collapsed in a heap, and in a barely audible whisper that Bailey almost didn’t hear, she said “it was my first kiss.”


“I think I died and went to Heaven.”

“What’s that Prongsie old boy?” asked Sirius, looking up from his Quidditch magazine.

“I just snogged Lily Evans.”

“YOU WHAT?!” said the voices of Sirius, Remus, and Peter.

“The end is near!” said Sirius dramatically, as he pretended to faint.

“Was she under the Imperius, mate?”

James glared at Remus and said, “no.  It was a dare.”

“Oh ho!  I knew she wouldn’t kiss you and mean it!” Sirius proclaimed, jumping up from his once fainting position.

“Yeah well, it was bloody brilliant.  Even if it was a dare.”

James’s friends rolled their eyes and went back to what they were doing.  They had heard enough about Lily Evans to last them a lifetime.  James talked about her constantly, he ate, drank, and breathed her.

“Don’t you guys wanna hear about it?!”

“No.” they said in unison.

James pouted and then said, “how about some Bludger ball?”


Bailey leaned up against the headboard and watched the now sleeping Lily Evans.  She was rubbing her back reassuringly, lost in thought.

Her first kiss?  She’s bloody 16!  Well I guess what they say is true... Lily Evans is prude.  But thats not fair, she shouldn’t of had to ruin a special moment on someone she hates and it’s all my fault!  Bailey frowned.  No, it’s Jeans fault.  She’s always hated Lily, and I just got swept up into it.

“What am I going to do with you, Lily Evans?”


“Yeah alright Bludger ball!  We haven’t played this since last year!” said Sirius enthusiastically.

Now, the Marauders were always bored, so they made up games.  This particular game was called Bludger ball, and it was highly dangerous.  They rode around on their brooms each trying to catch the Snitch, with about seven Bludgers flying around knocking them off their brooms.  But the hard part was, the brooms were charmed to keep flying, so once you got knocked off you had to find an opportunity to jump back on your flying broom.  Once you caught the Snitch (which earned you fifty extra points) the Bludgers dropped, snitch disappeared, and the Quaffles were released.  You had to try and catch the zooming Quaffles now, (there were four of them), and hit your target.  There were four targets, each of their names above one.  You had to score on your own target three times, and if you accidentally hit your opponents target, it was one hundred points for them. Once the target was hit three times, the game was over.  Each time you hit your target it was one hundred points, but you lost fifty each time you fell off of your broom.  And during all of this, the bludgers came back up and showed no mercy to the players.  The brooms then increased their speed so it was almost impossible to get back on once you were knocked off.  Also, if you were knocked off you could jump onto any opponents broom and knock them off, which earned you ten extra points.

“Lock the door Wormtail!  Moony, set up the target!  Padfoot, sit down and don’t touch anything!  You always end up breaking something.”  James was yelled orders to his friends as he got out the broomsticks.

Then, there was a knock at the door.

“Stop what you’re doing mates!” yelled James as he made his way towards the door.  “Who is it?”


“What do you want?  We’re busy.”

“I have to talk to Sirius!”

James looked over at Sirius who was sitting on his bed shaking his head no like a madman.

“He’s er... kind of busy right now.  Come back later!”


“Go away, Jean!”

He heard her huff and stomp away.

“What was that about, Sirius?”

“I uh... shagged her last week, and I think she might want to be in a... relationship.” he shuddered.

Remus clapped him on the back.  “Way to go man, she’s-”

“The ugliest girl in school!” James finished off.  “I bet even Peter could get her!”

“Hey!” Peter squeaked in indignation.

Remus rolled his eyes and said “forget about her, lets play some ball!”

“Yes!!” said Sirius, in an obviously happier mood.

“Okay,” said James a few minutes later.  “On the whistle, mates?”

They all nodded their heads, and James blew the whistle.  The brooms took off immediately, with bludgers following soon after.  James and Sirius were neck and neck, both bumping into each other, two bludgers trailing behind them.  Remus was just left of them, going in the opposite direction, a bludger heading his way.  He quickly swerved, but that caused him to ram into Peter who unfortunately flew off of his broom.  “Sorry!” was all he could yell before zooming off again, narrowly missing James and Sirius.  Peter was standing patiently on James’s bed waiting for his broom to fly past him.  He jumped, and managed to pull himself on it, much to the disappointment of his teammates.  Suddenly, Sirius went flying through the air, a bludger managing to knock him off.  A few minutes later he was able to get back on his broom, but unfortunately for him Remus caught the snitch.  The game paused for a second as the Quaffles were getting ready to be released.  “And we’re off!” James shouted, reaching for a Quaffle that flew his way.  Peter flew past him and broke his concentration, and a bludger slammed into him.  He flew off his broom and landed on the floor which was covered in pillows.  (Safety reasons!)  “Damn,” he muttered as he ducked for cover from Remus.  He saw Sirius coming his way and successfully jumped on his broom, and shoved him off the front.  “Ha ha!” he yelled triumphantly.  He was just about to grab a Quaffle that was coming his way when he heard Sirius jump onto Peters broomstick.  Peter fell to the ground and James could see Sirius out of the corner of his eye.  He grabbed a Quaffle and threw it at his target, only to have it be blocked by Remus, who scored on his own target.  “Damn you, Moony!” Sirius shouted, then got knocked off of his broom by Peter, who then scored on his target.  “Way to go Wormtail!” shouted James.  “Sirius, you’re seriously falling behind!”  James shouted again, as he scored.  “Shut up Prongs, I’ll get you yet!”  Sirius then jumped on Remus’s broom, knocking his friend off, and grabbed a Quaffle.  “Score one for the Padfoot team!” he yelled triumphantly.

Twenty minutes later, Sirius scored three times on his goal.  The brooms stopped flying, and the boys collapsed onto the floor breathing hard.  James took out a pad of paper from a desk drawer and started writing in it.

“What do the ranks look like?” asked Sirius.

“Well,” said James slowly.  “We haven’t played since last year, so I think we should just start a whole new slate.”

“Fair enough,” said Remus as he cracked his knuckles.

“Then that means Remus, you’re in first place with two hundred points, congratulations.” James said shaking his friends hand.

“What!” roared Sirius.  “But I scored all three times!”

“Yes well, you also got knocked off of your broom more.  Now shut up, let me finish.  Sirius, you’re in second place with one hundred and seventy points, congratulations to you.  I’m in third with a sad sixty points, and Peter, you’re in last with ten.  But don’t get too cocky gents!  It was only the first game of the season, everything could soon change.”

“Yes well, lets clean up mates, people might be getting suspicious with all of the noise we’ve been making.” Remus said.

“Right you are Moony, right you are.”


Lily woke up with a fierce headache.  She hated crying, but whenever she did, it was for a good reason.  And well, she thought.  Having your first kiss be with someone you hate – thats worth crying over.  It was just then she realized she wasn’t alone.

“Lily?  How are you feeling?”

Lily sat up and looked at the speaker.  It was Bailey, and she was sitting right next her.

“What are you doing here Bailey?”

“I was worried about you, thats all.”

“Why?” asked Lily suspiciously.  No one was ever worried about Lily Evans before.

“I felt bad.  I didn’t know that it was your first kiss, I never would’ve dared you to do it if I had known.”

“Yes you would’ve!” cried out Lily.  “You guys will do anything to hurt me, humiliate me.  I just don’t understand why!  Everyone takes one look at me and says, ‘oh it’s the ice queen’... well maybe I wouldn’t act that way if people didn’t hate me!  Well you know what, I’ve had enough!” her face contorted from sadness to fury.  “I’m leaving.  I’ll just transfer schools, Beauxbatons preferably, they specialize in charms.” and then she got up from her bed, and walked out of the dormitory.  Bailey was shocked.  She didn’t know Lily had it so horrible!  The poor girl, she thought again.  Immediately Bailey got up and followed her.

“Professor McGonagall?” Lily knocked on her head of house’s office.

“Yes?  Who is it?”

“Its Lily, ma’am.  Lily Evans.”

Professor McGonagall opened her door and ushered Lily inside.  Bailey stuck her finger in the doorway so the door wouldn’t close all the way and she could hear what was being said.

“What do you need Miss Evans?”

“I um... I’d like to talk to you about a transfer.”

“A transfer?!  Lily, but why?!”

“Well, uh... you see, it’s nothing against Hogwarts ma’am, but I’m just treated so badly by the students here!”

“Which ones?” the professor asked sharply.

“All of them!”

“Well surely not...”

“If you hadn’t noticed professor, but I hardly have friends.  I guess it’s just finally getting to me.  I don’t think I can take it anymore.  I was thinking I could go to Beauxbatons, they deal with mostly charms, right?  I think I’d do very well there for these next two years.”

“You mean you want to transfer right now?”

“Well of course.”

Bailey heard the professor sigh, and then say “very well.  I shall talk to the Headmaster, you just go back to your dormitory, preferably to pack.  I will owl you there and have you meet me up at the Headmasters office quite soon.”

Bailey then heard the sound of chairs moving, and she quickly scampered to Gryffindor Tower to tell anyone she could about the news.


“So Prongsie, think we should make up a new game soon?”

“Why of course, Padfoot old friend, how about one to play in History of Magic?”

“Thats a very important class!” said Remus in an unbelieving voice.

Peter snorted, and was about to say something when a knock sounded on the door.

“We don’t want any!” yelled Sirius.

“Open up right now!”

“Who is it?” asked Remus calmly.


At this, Remus blushed.

“Aww does Moony have himself a little girlfriend?”

“Shut up Padfoot.” he mumbled.

“I’m not joking, you guys better open up right now!”

James rolled his eyes and went to open the door.  As soon as he did, Bailey pushed him aside and rushed into the room. “Where’s James?” she asked breathlessly.

“Ahem.” Bailey whirled around looking startled.  “Oh, sorry, I have huge news.  Bad, bad news.”

“Of what nature?” asked Peter from his bed.

“Lily Evans.”

James immediately went rigid.  “What happened?  Is she okay?”

“Yes, yes she’s fine... well, maybe not.  She’s transferring to Beauxbatons!” Bailey wailed.

“WHAT?!” James roared.  “WHY?!”

“She... she said that she couldn’t take it anymore.  That having everyone hate her was too much, because she didn’t do anything.”

James paled.  “I can’t let her leave.” he whispered.

Bailey sank down onto the ground.  “I wish I hadn’t been so horrible to her.”

“Why now, Bailey?” asked Remus suddenly.

“Why now what?”

Remus started pacing the room.  He was the only one who got along with Lily, who actually talked to her.  They weren’t friends per-say, but they did have prefect duties together, so they talked quite a bit.  “Why are you suddenly caring about her?  You never gave a rats ass before.  Sorry Peter,” he added under his breath.

“Well... it was my fault that I had to ruin her first kiss!” she looked pointedly at James.  “And then,” she continued, “she came back into the room crying her eyes out, and I’ve never seen Lily show any emotion other than anger!  I just felt so bad for her, and thats when I realized I’d only been horrible to her all of these years because of Jean.  She hates Lily, and she expected me to!  So I did!”  Then Bailey looked at the floor ashamed.

“What are we gunna do?” asked James miserably.

“There’s nothing we really can do mate.” said Sirius.  “She wouldn’t believe us if we told her we wanted her to stay.  We hate her, she hates us.”

“There has to be something” said Remus furiously.

Bailey just cried.


“Now Minerva, don’t get flustered.  Lily will come around, she just needs to see that she does have friends.”

“Oh but Albus!  You know how these students are to her!  The poor dear.”

“That may soon change,” said Dumbledore, his eyes twinkling.  “I think one person already saw the error to their ways.”


“Owl her, and tell her to be up here in fifteen minutes.”


Lily stood in the middle of the room sighing.  She didn’t really have to pack, her stuff wasn’t strewn about like everyone else’s.  She kept her belongings in her trunk, nice and neat.  Her clothes were the only things that weren’t in there.  They were folded in a dressed drawer near her bed.  I won’t pack those yet, she thought.  I’ll wait until I find out when I’m leaving.  Just then, an owl swooped into the open window and collided with her head.  “Bloody bird!” she screeched, as she massaged her temple.  “Oh owww, that hurt!” but the bird wasn’t paying attention.  It was flapping around her torso hooting and looking rather pleased with itself.  Lily just rolled her eyes and untied the bit of parchment attached to its leg.


The Headmaster requests your presence in his office in fifteen minutes time.  It is located on the seventh floor, the stone gargoyles. (A/N: I don’t really know where it’s located, I’m too lazy to go find out if it’s in the books or not.) Acid Pops are quite delightful, don’t you agree?

Minerva McGonagall

Lily folded up the letter and threw it on her bed.  “Go away bird!  You’ve delivered your message!” but the bird was still hooting happily and flying around the room.  Lily rolled her eyes and said “I have to go.  Are you coming with me or not?” the bird in excitement flew right into a wall.  Lily couldn’t help but laugh.  “Stop goofing around!  I’m going to be late.” she rushed out of the room and down the stairs only to collide into someone.  “Oof!  Watch where you’re going!” she said sharply.

“Sorry Evans.” it was Peter Pettigrew.

“Whatever, get out of my way I have a meeting with the Headmaster.”

“Oh!” he squeaked.

Lily ignored him and jogged out of the common room, avoiding the stares people gave her and that bleeding bird.

Lily ran as fast as she could down the hallway on the seventh floor, and nearly missed the gargoyles.  She skidded to a halt and fell flat on her face, the owl right behind her.  “Ouch!  Get off of me bird!” one of the gargoyles snickered.

“Right clumsy you are,” it said.

“Shut up.” Lily snapped.

“Ooh, someone has a bit of a temper!” the other chimed in.

“Acid Pops” Lily growled.

“Well I dunno if we should let her in, do you think we should Norton?”

“No Harold, I don’t believe we should.”

Lily snorted.  “Norton?  Harold?  Hardly intimidating names for two gargoyles such as yourselves.

“We resent that!” they cried out.

“Let me in.”


“I told you!  Acid Pops!”

“Nope, sorry.  We just changed it.”

Lily stomped her foot in frustration.  And then quite suddenly, they sprung apart.
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AHHHHHHHH SAM!!!!!!!!! CURSE YOU!!!!!!!! I am fucking hooked on this now!!! WHY OH WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO GOOD?!?!?!?!?!?

Sirius is hot. lol. Truth or Dare, ghetto style!! woot woot!!!

I have a way with words, what can I say?!