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Untitled--as of now [16 Dec 2005|02:46pm]
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[04 Dec 2005|01:31pm]
"She's WHAT?!" Screamed Ron, unconcerned with the fact that they were in a very busy intersection, surrounded by hordes of people.

"Ron, quiet down!"

"Thats bloody DISGUSTING! Fred AND George?! When did this happen?! How? WHY!?"

"Don't get your knickers in a twist, Ronald! She's 18 years old, and perfectly capable of making her own decisions. Ron's face scrunched up, and said,

"Hermione's only 17..."

"No, remember the time turner? It added on a few months to her life, thus making her 18, now."

Ron spluttered for a moment. "She's shagging them? But... I mean its them!"

"Well apparently after Hermione passed her apparation test, she wanted to try it out, so she apparated here. I guess she was just walking around aimlessly, and came across Fred and George's shop, and decided to drop by to say hullo. It was closed at the time, but they were still in there and let her in. And then, well..." Ginny blushed.

"But how?! I mean it's Hermione for Merlin's sakes!"

"Well I suppose, little bro," said Fred walking up behind him. George came up on the other side, snaking his arm around Ron's waist.

"We're too charming for our own good." He finished up.

"Speak of the Devil," giggled Ginny. Hermione walked up, beet red, clutching her purchases.

"Hermione!" Yelled Ron, waving his arms frantically. "Whats this I hear about you shagging my brothers?!"

"Ronald! Not so loud! We're in a public bloody place!"

By that time they had finally reached the twins shop, where they could carry on the conversation without all of the shoppers listening in. They walked around to the back entrance, and Fred unlocked the door. George bowed gallantly and let Hermione, Ron, and Ginny pass through.

"Now Ronald," said Hermione sternly, "I am old enough to make my own decisions, and your brothers-"

"Thats just it, 'Mione! They're my brothers!"

"Oh grow up. Just because I'm shagging someone doesn't mean you bloody have to patronize me for it!"

Ron's jaw dropped. "But... but..."

"Enough, Ronald." Said Ginny laying a hand on his arm. He slumped his shoulders in defeat.

"Now, since we have that all cleared up-"

"-how about dinner, on us?"

But the dinner was a subdued one, seeing as Ron was pouting. Ginny had tried to engage him in conversation plenty of times, but he just kept glaring at Hermione, and picking at his food. Finally Ginny got fed up and told Fred and George that she was going to take him for a walk.

"We'll be back in an hour, hour and a half, tops. Be good while we're gone," she winked, taking Ron by the crook of his elbow. "Now," she said when they closed the back door the the shop. "Stop sulking, it's unbelievably petty of you. I know it's unorthodox, but our two brothers care about Hermione very, very much. They have been 'seeing' each other for quite some time, the whole summer really, and you have no right to come bungle it up. Get over yourself Ronald, adults have sex. Yes, it's weird that she's shagging both of them, but their arrangement is a perfectly happy one. Don't use the excuse that you're 'harboring feelings' for her, either. Because we both know that you're extremely smitten with that Parkinson girl."

Ron looked flabbergasted, then ashamed. "You're right, Gin." He mumbled.

"Well of course I'm right! Now lets go take that walk."

They linked arms and strolled down Main Street, watching the setting sun. Ginny stopped suddenly, and pointed to the shadows.

"Look," she whispered. Ron scanned the street, looking over the heads of the crowd. He saw what Ginny saw -- a sulking Draco Malfoy.

"Whats Ferret Boy doing here?" Ron asked through gritted teeth.

Ginny swatted his arm. "It's a free country, Ronald. I was just going to point out that he's limping. He's got a couple of nasty bruises on his face, too. I wonder what could've done that to such a pretty-"

"Don't even say it, Gin'! He's an evil git. He deserves whatever happened to him."

She started to make her way over to him, but Ron pulled her back. "Don't. He's likely to hex us into next century!"

"Oh but Ronald, he looks so pathetic."

"Serves the bloody git right." Said Ron darkly.


"This bloody potion!" Draco Malfoy was pacing about the potions lab, fuming. He could not get it right for some reason, and his father was due to check in on him quite soon. "If it's not half done by the time he gets here..." but he didn't want to think about what his father could do to him. Instead he just turned back to the mess he'd managed to create in his cauldron, and hastily added more ingredients. Then he stiffened.

Footsteps could be heard making their way to the cement room. Lucius Malfoy's footsteps.

"Shit." Draco mumbled, deseprately trying to fix the potion. The heavy oak door slid open, squeaky hinges alerting the pale boy of his fathers presence.

"Draco," the cold voice rang throughout the silence.

"Yes father?" He said without turning around.

"Face me, boy! Let me see how that potion is coming along!"

"Yes, father." He was trying his damnedest not to show any ounce of emotion (mainly fright) for the fear of being beaten. He slowly moved aside, showing the goopy contents he had produced.

"Boy! What the bloody fuck is this?!"

"It's... it's the Netherworld pot-"

but before he could even finish his sentance, his father struck him.

"If this is the Netherworld potion, boy, then I am a muggle loving fool!"

He struck his son again. Draco made the mistake of wimpering, a sign of weakness.

"Crucio!" Lucius yelled without hesitation. Draco crumpled to the floor, writhing in agony. He refused to scream out, so instead he twisted on the floor, banging up his left leg pretty good while he was at it. The curse was lifted, and Lucius glared down at his panting son.

"You are an incompetent fool, Draco. You did not get the Fluxwood, did you? I think not. Go back to Knockturn Alley, now. Then you come back and make it right. Do you hear me?"

"Yes father." Said the emotionless voice from the floor.

"Good." Lucius made sure to hit Draco in his banged up leg on the way out, sneering. Picking himself up off of the floor, with as much dignity as he could muster, Draco headed to the nearest fireplace and floo'd to the Leaky Cauldron.

"Hullo Mr. Malfoy," said Tom the Bartender as Draco limped out of the grate. "The usual?"

"Not today, Tom." Said Draco brisquely. "Business to attend to." Then he quickly walked out of the bar, and straight to Knockturn Alley. Once he was done making his purchases, he stepped back into the fading sunlight of Diagon Alley, to yet again, see Weasley walking with some girl. As Draco inspected closer, to his amazement, he recognized who Weasley was with. His sister! Draco was in shock. She certainly did not look like that last year... when she was a short, chubby tag along. But now, she was at least 5'6", her tomato red hair was mid-way down her back and her body filled out quite nicely.

From where he was standing (in the shadows of course), it looked like she was scolding Ron about something. Draco smirked, when she hit him on the arm, but then quickly scowled again when he realized that she had been pointing. Right at him! Still scowling, Draco started to limp slowly away, hoping to get out of her scrutinizing gaze. It almost looked as if she wanted to come over to him, but Ron was holding her back. With good reason, too! Bloody Gryffindor git. What I wouldn't give to just kiss her- hey now Draco! The Dark Lord will have your head for this! Thoughts were running through his head, much to his displeasure. With one last glance at the siblings, he made his way to the Leaky Cauldron.


"Is everyone ready to go?" Asked Arthur Weasley, as he surveyed his children and Hermione as they stuffed themselves into a muggle taxi.

"Yes... just wait a moment," said Ginny trying to control Pig, who somehow got out of his cage.

The taxi driver was looking suspiciously at the group, and eyeing the owl with great distaste. Fred and George came bounding out of the house, and jumped into the taxi just before Ron shut the door.

"We're comin' along, little bro." Said Fred mysteriously. George just smirked.

"Why can't you just appa-"

"Shhh!" Ginny cut him off quickly, noticing the drivers stare. "We're ready," she said to him, and he turned around blushing furiously.

"This is rubbish" Ron grumbled. "The three of you could've just you-know-what with mum and dad!"

Ginny just laughed, and watched Fred and George dote upon Hermione like there was no tomorrow.

They pulled up to Kings Cross, and Ron jumped out of the car as if he were being lit on fire. Ginny rolled her eyes at her brother, and grabbed her trunk mumbling about weak constitutions. The taxi driver was more than relieved to get away, having been locked in a car with the twins for quite some time. Running late, they hurried onto the platform and dashed towards their mum and dad. After the goodbyes Ron and Ginny boarded the train, leaving Hermione to say goodbye to Fred and George. But much to their surprise (and Rons horror) the twins boarded the train with them.

"Wh-what are you doing?!"

"Accompanying you to Hogwarts, what does it look like we're doing?" Said George.
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[29 Nov 2005|05:46pm]
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[29 Nov 2005|05:45pm]
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[29 Nov 2005|05:44pm]
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Squee! [16 Aug 2005|03:10pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Mwuahahaha, I know Marty doesn't like Lily/James stories, but I love them. So, I decided to write one. Here's the first two *gasp!* chapters. They haven't really gotten off yet, but it will. Oh, indeed it will. *laughs maniacally*

Tell Me One More TimeCollapse )

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Announcement!! [15 Aug 2005|04:35pm]
[ mood | blank ]

I took down the DG story for now, because I'm working on a JL one. Don't worry though, I'm going to continue my DG story, I just needed a break. I don't really know where to take it. But anyway, I'll probably start posting my JL one in a week or so, I've just finished the first chapter, but it's not too great so I'm gunna go over it.

<3 Sam

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