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Chapter One

Ginny Weasley was dead.  Her eyes were cold and uncaring, her smile fake and broken.  When she laughed, it held no real meaning.  It had been five years since her soul was ripped into a million pieces, and she couldn’t quite get around it.  Every gust of wind was Tom’s long slender fingers caressing her cheek, every ray of sun was his eyes burning into hers.

Ginny learned to deal with it, to deal with every night waking up in a cold sweat because Tom was in her dreams.  Harry may have killed the diary, but he sure as hell didn’t kill Tom.  Ginny had even tried to tell Harry this.  But did he listen?  No.  He was too busy with bloody Hermione.  Which made Ginny even more angry.

“Hey Ginny are you sitting with us?”  Ron’s voice broke her thoughts. 

Plastering on a fake smile and answering in a voice that wasn’t hers, Ginny said, “no, I think I might go find Colin and have a chat with him.  See you lot later!”  Then she turned down the corridor and waiting until the Golden Trio had found a compartment.  Instead of going to find Colin, Ginny walked to the loo, while digging around in her pockets for a fag.  Her combat boots made quite a lot of noise down the corridor, which oddly calmed Ginnys nerves.

“Found ya!”  She cried triumphantly, holding a cigarette between her thumb and forefinger.  She opened the loo door to thankfully find it deserted.  Lighting up her smoke, she sighed in content.

In the beginning of her third year, Ginny had started the tradition of smoking on the train’s loo.  She was going there to cry about Tom, when she found some Ravenclaw git handing out fags, and she’d been addicted ever since.

“Ten owls... Snape will be pleased.”  Ginny mumbled to herself, then focused her thoughts on the Potions Master.

Oddly enough, Ginny loved potions.  She had also taken quite a liking to Snape, even though he was horrible to her and her fellow Gryffindors.  In fact, she had started haunting his classroom after lessons, bugging him about perfecting her potions, and trying to make him give her harder ones out of pure enjoyment.  The first day she had did this he took fifty points from Gryffindor, and shoved her rudely out of the classroom, but the second and third day he only huffed in annoyance and took off five points.  After that, her presence was welcome, and they’d sit in comfortable silence, Snape grading papers and Ginny doing homework.

Flicking her cigarette butt to the floor, Ginny slid down the bathroom wall to join it, her leather skirt riding up her slender legs.  “If someone were to find me, they’d think I was drunk or something,” Ginny giggled to herself, then fell asleep.

Not ten minutes later, a loud BANG woke Ginny up.  “What the fuck?  Can’t I get at least one goddamned minute of peace around here?!”  Standing up, she peered out of the bathroom door.  “What happened?”  She asked a little boy in the compartment nearest hers.

He looked at her, and squeaked in fright.  Ginny rolled her eyes, and was about to retreat into the bathroom again, when another bang sounded.  People screamed and ducked into their compartments, but Ginny just huffed and stalked off to the front of the train.  She threw open a door and came face to face with Draco sodding Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle lay unconscious at his feet.

Ginny snorted, and looked at Goyle with pride, noting Bat Bogeys attached to his face.  “So, Malfoy” she said as she tread on Crabbe’s face, then sprawled out on the bench across from a standing Draco.

“What do you want Weasel?” he said coldly.

At this, Ginny started to giggle uncontrollably.

“What the hell is so funny?!”

“You have,” more giggles.  “Look at,” giggling harder.

“Weasel, you have ten seconds to tell me what the fuck you’re laughing at,” said Malfoy his eyes narrowing dangerously.

At this, Ginny started to laugh, a real laugh, one she hadn’t heard for five years.  Wiping the tears that formulated at the corners of her eyes, she managed to breathe out, “look at your boxers.”

Malfoy looked down in horror that his boxers were sticking out of his trousers, but he blanched when he saw what was on them.  Weasels.  Weasels that were prancing around like they were kings.  He started to sputter, which made Ginny laugh even harder.

“Wanna smoke?” she said when she got control over herself, and not waiting for an answer flicked him the cigarette.

“What do you want Weasley?”

“Why did you hex these two prats?”

“None of your fucking business.”

“Well at least help me shove them in the corridor, Malfoy, they’re sickening me.”

After they had kicked the two limp forms of Crabbe and Goyle into the hall, Ginny locked the compartment door and turned to stare at her enemy.  His cold, dead eyes mirrored her own, and she knew that both of them had horrors in their past that neither could let go.  She knew that they were both mean and uncaring for a reason.  She also knew he wouldn’t kick her out, because she knew he saw that dead look in her eyes, too.

Curiosity killed the cat, she thought, as she saw a flicker of something on Malfoys face. Although it’s probably better off that we’re both dead.

Chapter Two

Draco Malfoy was cold.  He couldn’t quite remember the last time he actually felt warmth from head to toe.  Perhaps it was when his mother hugged him last?  Although, that was when he had received his Dark Mark at the beginning of summer.  No, that hug wasn’t exactly a very happy hug.  It was a hug that was trying to block out all of the horrible things that had happened, and all of the horrible things that were to come.

To Draco, every looming shadow and every stone wall in the Malfoy Manor foreshadowed the inevitable.  A fate he did not wish to comply to, with only one thing standing in his way.  Lucius Malfoy.  He was among the most foul people ever to be born onto this planet, his cruel calculating eyes never missing a thing.  He was quick to punish anyone who stood in his way, including his own wife and son.

“Don’t think about that.”  He mumbled, shuddering involuntarily.

“Huh?  Whuddya say Malfoy?”

Draco was brought back to reality by his stupid cronies, Crabbe and Goyle.  They were both were looking at Draco as though he had two heads.

“I was just thinking out loud, idiots.”

They grunted, and went back to eating their way through mounds of sweets.  Draco looked at them in disgust, and turned to the window.  Sighing, he put his hand in his pocket only to find something there.

“What’s this?”  He muttered.

Extracting it, he found it to be an envelope.  Written in his mother’s handwriting, addressed to him.  He opened it, and a piece of parchment toppled out onto his lap.

    Dear Draco,

How are you darling?  I hope you don’t find this anywhere near prying eyes.  Especially those of Crabbe and Goyle, although I have a suspicion they’re illiterate.  Which is all the better, because I wouldn’t want them reading this especially.

Those two goons you call friends have received their Dark Marks, and they won’t hesitate to kill.  I’m telling you this because with your fathers blunder ending in Azkaban, I’m afraid that the Dark Lord might have something against the two of us.  It’s just an assumption of course, but nonetheless, I’ve put charms around our home, and I’ve alerted Dumbledore.  I know you aren’t too fond of him, but he’s the best there is when it comes to safety.

Now, before I go on about Vincent and Gregory, I should tell you that if any harm does befall me, I’ll leave you in the care of Severus.  He’s the best person for the job, seeing as your father...

Well enough about that.  I want you to be aware that if the Dark Lord is angry at your father, he will come after either you or I.  And who better to dispose of you than your ‘friends’?  Make sure that when you’re with them, you’re not alone.  I don’t know what I’d do if you were to be killed!  Now, I know you know how to take care of yourself, and how you hate me to fret about you, but I can’t help it.  You’re my one and only.

I’ll be sure to send you lots of care packages, and I’m counting the days until Christmas Holiday.

            With infinite love,

Draco folded the letter back up, and was about to stuff it back into his pocket when a wand poked his throat.

“Get up, Malfoy.”

“Oh please,” drawled Draco as he stood up.  “Point that thing somewhere else, Crabbe, you’re going to end up poking someone’s eye out.”

“We’re gunna do a lot more than that, Malfoy!  The Dark Lord told us to kill you so we’re gunna!”

“Are you two capable of much more threatening speeches?  That was really quite pathetic, you know.”

Crabbe and Goyle had backed Draco into the window, both had their wands pointed at his throat.  Just as they were about to curse him, Draco drew out his wand, pointed it at Crabbe and hit him with a stunning spell.  He then turned to Goyle, hit him with the Bat Bogey hex that Ginny had used a few years back, then stunned him, too.

“Stupid gits, can’t even kill someone properly.”

Barely ten seconds later the compartment door burst open revealing a very pissed off Ginny Weasley.

Draco was surprised that she didn’t leave as soon as she saw him.  Instead, she made fun of his boxers (that his mother had so fondly picked out for him), handed him a cigarette, then made him get the two idiots out of the compartment.

They sat in silence for a while, Ginny lay out on the seat, while Draco sat, his pale face never turning away from hers.  Finally, he broke the silence.

“Why aren’t you sitting with your precious Potter and his little Weasel side-kick?”

“Why do you care?”  Ginny spat.

Draco snorted.  “Don’t get your hopes up, Weaselette, I wouldn’t care for a thousand galleons.  Which, by the way, is more than you’ve ever seen in your life.”

Ginny just rolled her eyes and took out another cigarette.

“You’re going to get sick if you smoke too much” Draco pointed out.

“Fuck off.”

“Right.  You’re the one who invaded my compartment.  Which, by the way, is private.  Head Boy and Girl only.”

“Well,” Ginny snorted.  “I’m surprised you’re so willing to admit that Hermione a lowly, uh what was it again?  Oh yes.  Mudblood, could actually be Head Girl!  You’ve spent the past six years either pretending she didn’t exist, gloating because you were pureblood, or sulking because she’d beaten you at something!  Well I hope you have a lovely year with her, because you’re going to be sharing a dormitory and everything!  You probably didn’t know that, did you?  I only know because Percy was Head Boy, and oh how he gloated!  But never mind, I’ll leave if you’ll like.  Have a wonderful day, Ferret boy!”  And with a wave Ginny headed off to the loo again, leaving an astonished Draco in her wake.

Chapter Three

It had been two months since Ginny and Draco had last spoken.  Although, Ginny always walked out of her way to see him in the halls, and each time she did it she handed him a cigarette.  To her, it was all a game, because all Draco did was scowl.  She’d just laugh and say he should just give her a detention.  He never did.


It was a bone chilling Thursday in November, and Ginny was late for Potions.  She had been smoking in the girls room, and that was definitely preoccupying.

“Fuck!  Fuck, fuck, fuck!”  Ginny mumbled as she ran down the hallways, and through the dungeons.  Looking at her watch she saw she was twenty minutes late.  “Shite!  Snape’s gunna have my ass.”  She slipped inside, hoping to go unnoticed, with no prevail.

“Well, well, well, so glad you could join us Ms. Weasley, get lost?”  Snape sneered.

“No, sir.  Sorry I’m late.”

“I don’t think sorry is going to cut it, Weasley.  That’s twenty minutes you’ve missed, so I think it’s only fair we take twenty points off.  Now sit down before I take off more!”

Ginny glared at Snape, and walked over to her seat next to Colin Creevey, her combat boots echoing off the stone walls.

“Hey” she said to Colin once her cauldron was set up.

“Hey yourself.  Where were you?”

“Girls room.”




“Well I’m not gunna lie.  Anyway, what’s the potion today?”

“Well if you weren’t late–”

“Fuck Colin!  Just tell me!  Do you want to lose more points?”

“We’re making Madam Pomfrey more Pepper-Up Potion.”

“Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?”

“But Ginny–”

“Colin let me do this!”

“I just need to tell you–”

but Ginny wasn’t listening.  She was too busy adding ingredients and stirring feverishly.  All of a sudden, her potion exploded all over everyone within a foot of her.

“Bloody hell!”

“Weasley!”  Snape barked.  “If you hadn’t been late you would’ve heard me tell the class there was an easier way to do this!  The way the book is written leaves much more chances of explosions!  Detention!  Saturday!  You’re hopeless!”

She immediately turned to Colin.

“Why didn’t you tell me?!”

“I tried!  You wouldn’t listen!”  He shivered under her furious glare.

At the end of the lesson, Ginny strode up to Snape’s desk fuming.

“You know we have Quidditch practise on Saturday!  You could’ve just as easily given me detention tonight!  You are just too damn proud you can’t begin to even admit that our team is just better than yours, so you have to try and destroy our chances at winning the cup!  Well, it’s pathetic!”

Snape just looked on, amused at Ginnys tirade.

“If you will permit me to speak, Ms. Weasley, I’m not, as you so delicately put it, destroying your chances, I’m merely making it harder.  And, I think you should miss practise anyway, since you so kindly missed the first twenty minutes of my lesson, and almost blew half of the class away for a cigarette.”  Snape smiled smugly and waved his hands to dismiss Ginny.

She threw a rude hand gesture in his face and walked huffily out of the room, muttering about ‘slimy gits’.


“Damn!  Oh my god, fuck!”  Draco was standing in the middle of his room, staring at his watch.  It read noon, but how could that be?  Draco never overslept!  Head Boy and he missed all of his morning classes.  Or, class.  He was in Snape’s N.E.W.T potions class, and Friday was just devoted to potions.

“Shite!  Now I have to go down and apologise to him!  He’ll give me detention for sure!”  Draco hurriedly threw on a pair of trousers and his robes then sprinted towards Snape’s office.

When he got there, he heard voices, so instead of making his presence known, he paused outside the door to listen in.  He could hear Snape, and the second voice... but it couldn’t be he thought. 


He pushed the door open slightly and his suspicions were confirmed.  He got a glimpse of fiery red hair and her trademark combat boots.

What’s she doing here?  It’s probably just detention.  Shaking his head, he listened to their conversation.

“...sorry about what I said yesterday, you being a slimy git and all, I’m actually glad I don’t have to go to Quidditch practise.  Potter has–”

“Ah, Potter.  He’s the cause of everyones problems.”  Snape muttered angrily.

“As I was saying, he’s been so unbelievable to me, did you know he’s with Granger now?”

“Really.  I don’t particularly care too much about the personal lives of teenagers.  And I know what you’re doing, and I’m not going to feel bad for you.”

Draco heard Ginny laugh.

What’s going on?  They’re actually being civil towards one another!  As Draco was trying to process his thoughts, he heard footsteps.  Before he could move away, the office door opened revealing a very angry Snape.

“May I ask you why you’re standing outside of my door listening into private conversations?  And,” he paused as Ginny crept up to his side. 

“Why did you miss potions today, Mr. Malfoy?”  Sneered Ginny.

Snape glared at her and she retreated back into the office.  Then Snape turned to Draco and repeated what Ginny had said.

“Well... er...” he stammered.  “I uh, overslept.  I came down here to apologise...”

“Very well.”  Snape said curtly.  “Ten points from Slytherin.”

“What!”  Came a very indignant cry from Ginny.  “You took twenty points off for me being late, and gave me a detention!”

Snape smirked, and said to Draco, “you also have detention Saturday.”

“Hah!”  Said Ginny.

“But professor!  I have Quidditch practise...”

“So did I, but Professor, I really think you should let Malfoy go to his practise, I daresay your team needs all the practise they can get.  Absolutely dreadful, they are.”

Draco made a move towards Ginny, but Snape held him back.

“She likes her little joke, she does.  But we’ll show her and all of Gryffindor in the next match.  Right Draco?”

“Yessir,” he mumbled.

Snape moved back and ushered Draco into his office.

“Sit.”  He said curtly.

Draco did as he was told, pulling his chair as far away from Ginny as he could manage.  She just snorted and returned to whatever she was doing.

“Sir,” Draco began.

“Be quiet, Draco.  I have to talk to you about your mother.”

Ginny looked up in interest, and alarm.  “Er... professor I’ll leave, shall I?”

“Yes, fine, Weasley.  Remember Saturday!  My office.”

Ginny stuck her tongue out at Snape and pulled a cigarette from her pocket.  She flicked it at Draco, laughed, and walked out of the room.

Draco growled and ground the cigarette to a pulp.

“Do you not care she’s smoking?!”  He asked unbelievably.

“You’re Head Boy, Draco.  You could very well deduct points.  Now, about your mother.  I received a letter from her stating that if anything should happen to her, you are to be left in my care.”

Draco shook his head in agreement.

“Thats not going to happen.”

“What?  But...” Draco looked at Snape, fear clouding over his eyes.

Snape’s face softened, as he looked at the boy before him.  He was a shadow of his former self, becoming a Death Eater had finally taken it’s toll.  Snape knew Draco was in a tight spot.  If he left the followers of the Dark Lord, he’d surely be killed, and his mother.  But if he stayed, he knew the pressures would certainly be hard for a seventeen year old boy, but he and his mother would be safe.

“Draco, nothing is going to become of your mother.  Dumbledore, though he’s a fool, is certainly doing his best to protect her.  I am, too.”

“Sir,” said Draco suddenly.  “Would you like to come back to Malfoy Manor with me during Christmas Holiday?  Mother would certainly be glad, she loves your company.  And, I would feel better if I knew you were there.  She’d be safe.”

Snape froze.  Malfoy Manor with Draco and... Narcissa?  He had only loved one woman, but he was sure that his closeness with Narcissa could spiral into something more.  But he couldn’t do that to Draco... he wouldn’t... the pain he would have to endure if nothing worked out...

“I’m sorry, Draco, I don’t think I can.  I’ll be busy you see, running errands for the or– for Dumbledore.”  Snape said quickly, hoping Draco wouldn’t catch his slipup of the Order.

Draco looked disappointed.  “But sir...”

“No, I’m sorry Draco.  Now get out of here, use your free time this afternoon to catch up on potions!”

“Yessir, and please, reconsider.”  And with that, Draco ran out of Snape’s office and out to the lake.

Chapter Four

Ginny had just left Professor Snape’s office, and was now sitting in the branches of her favorite oak tree, watching the giant squid swim lazily across the lake.  Oh bugger, she thought, as she heard footsteps approaching.  She looked down, and was surprised at who it was.

Draco Malfoy didn’t notice Ginny, but sat down right under the tree, bent his knees and rested his head on them.  He too stared at the giant squid, and sighed.  Ginny looked at him for a while, then decided to make her presence known.

“Hey” she said, as she jumped down from the tree and landed unceremoniously at Draco’s feet.

He was startled, but quickly gained composure.

“What the hell are you doing out here Weaselette?”

“Thinking.”  She said simply, and sat down in front of him.

“What... what the fuck are you doing?”

“Sitting, what does it look like?  I’m allowed you know, it’s a perfectly nice afternoon, and I should be yelling at you, not the other way around!  You’re the one who disturbed me, I’ve been out here longer than you.”

“Yeah well, leave.”


“Well I’m not leaving either.”

“Fine, we’ll just sit out here together.”

Draco glared at her, but said nothing.  Well, he thought.  She’s not backing down, and neither am I, so looks like I’m stuck with her.

Ginny turned her attention from Draco and focused on a flower that was growing between the two of them.  She knew Draco was staring at her, and she didn’t want to fight anymore, so she pretended not to notice.

Yes, Draco was staring.  He saw the hardened look in her eyes, and wondered what she had been through to make her that way.  Why do I want to know?  He thought furiously.  She’s a Weasel, I don’t care about people like her.

Finally, Ginny broke the silence.

“Hey Malfoy?”  She asked.


“It’s dying.”

“What?”  He said, more impatiently.

“The flower!  Look.”

He glanced down at the flower, and how Ginnys long slender fingers were caressing it’s petals.

“It’s so unfair.”  She said.

“What is?”

“How something so beautiful can just wither away like that.”  She lifted her head up, and Draco was startled to see tears leaking out of her eyes and running down her face.  He didn’t know what to do or say, so he just kept quiet.

“It’s so unfair,” she said again.


“FUCK!”  She yelled, pulling the flower out of the ground and flinging it into the lake.

Draco was surprised to see such anger from such a tiny body.

“I never cry, you know.  Crying is a sign of weakness, and I can’t show weakness.”

Sounds a lot like me, Draco thought.

Ginny wiped away her tears and said, “oh great, the Dream Team is coming.  Ron looks furious, I suppose it’s ‘cause I’m sitting with you.  Oh I love making his blood boil...” she trailed off, and her face lit up.  “Malfoy!  I have an idea.”  She tugged on the front of his robes and brought his lips crashing down on hers.

Draco was shocked, little Weasel-bee was kissing him?  But Draco couldn’t protest... it was so unreal, so unlike anything he had ever felt.  Kissing Pansy was okay, but kissing Weasel was like, well it was wonderful, it was warm.

The kiss was broken when Ron Weasley jerked his sister off of Draco, leaving Draco suddenly feeling horribly cold again.
“What the FUCK do you think you’re DOING, Ginny?!”

“I was kissing Ma- Draco, what did it look like I was doing?”

By this time, Draco had regained his bearings and stood up.  “What, is the Weasel and his Potty angry that Ginny actually has control over her own life?”  He sneered.

It was true, Harry had a look of fury on his face, while Hermione was dumbstruck.

“Close your mouth, mudblood, it’s very unbecoming.”

At this, Harry and Ron whipped out their wands and pointed them at Draco’s throats.

Ginny rolled her eyes at Draco and they too pulled out their wands.

“Leave me alone, Ronald Billius Weasley!”  She snarled furiously.

“Ginny!  He just called Hermione a you-know-what!”

“Well it’s your fault!  If you three didn’t always stick your nose in other people’s business you wouldn’t get insulted!”

“Ginny,” Harry said softly.  “I know you still like me, but... you don’t have to go and kiss a Death Eater to get back at me.”

At this, Ginny started to laugh.  “You... are... SO... conceited!”  She managed to gasp out. “How could you possibly think that I still like you?  I don’t care that you’re with Hermione, Harry.  Do you honestly think that I would still have feelings for you after you hurt me like that?  I’m over it, apparently.”  She gestured to Draco while saying this.

At that moment, Ron jumped on Draco and started to punch him.

“RON!”  Ginny screamed.  She immobilized him, and turned to Harry and Hermione.  “Take.  Him.  Away.  NOW.”  Her face was contorted with such fury that they obliged without question.  Once they were halfway to the castle did they right Ron, who then tried to get back to where Ginny and Draco were still standing.

“I hate him.”  She declared, then turned to Draco.  “You’re bleeding,” she observed, touching his mouth.

“It’s nothing.”  He said roughly and turned away.

“Look, I’m sorry about the kiss, I just wanted to get Ron angry.  I never knew he would react the way he did, the stupid git.  Do you know he never even asked me if I was okay when...” she trailed off.

Draco turned to her, looking at her questioningly.

“Never mind.  But uh... I guess I should go now,” Ginny said looking quite uncomfortable.

“Whatever.”  Said Draco, putting back on his cold facade.

Ginny smoothed out her robes, took out a cigarette, threw it at Draco then walked back to the castle, chuckling at herself.

“Dammit!”  Draco swore loudly, then looked down at the cigarette he was still holding, took a lighter out of his pocket, and started to smoke.  Unbeknownst to him, Ginny Weasley was watching from a distance, smiling.

Chapter Five

“You’re to gut these toads, take out their stomachs and place them in this bin.  Then, remove their eyes and put them in this jar.  Afterwards, you’re to take the tails off of these skrewts.  If you’re not done by midnight it looks like tomorrow you’ll be busy as well.”  Snape said curtly, then strode out of the dungeon leaving a very angry Draco, and a very calm Ginny behind.

“Can you believe this!”  Draco yelled. “I don’t want to touch these disgusting things!  I’ve had enough Skrewts to last me a lifetime, and those toads are sick!”

Ginny just rolled her eyes and got to work.  “Baby” she muttered under her breath.

“What did you say?”  Draco asked coldly.

“BABY!”  She screamed, and had to duck behind a desk because Draco had lobbed a dead Toad at her.  She giggled and threw it back, hitting him square in the face.

He growled and started to chase her around the room.  “I’m sorry!”  She squealed as he tackled her to the ground, laughing.

Suddenly, he froze, not sure of what to do.  He had been caught up in the moment, but now he realized that he couldn’t do this.  He couldn’t flirt with a Weasley.  A mudblood lover.  It was wrong, and the Dark Lord could kill him for it.  He shuddered, and got off of Ginny, and ignored her for the rest of the night.

Ginny was hurt.  She couldn’t understand why Draco had suddenly become so cold.  We were having fun!  she thought.  Did I do something wrong?

At midnight, Snape returned.  “I can see you more than half of the Skrewts left.  I’ll see you both tomorrow night.”  He then ushered Ginny out of the room, but held Draco back when he tried to leave.

“What do you want, Severus?”  He snapped.

“Why did you do that?”

“Do what?!”

“I was watching the two of you earlier.  You looked like you were having fun, throwing around that toad.”

“She called me a baby, I had to do something.”

“You were having fun, Draco.  Why did you stop?”

Draco looked at the professor in quiet defeat.  He didn’t answer for several minutes, until, “I was scared.”

“Scared of what, Draco?”

“The Dark Lord, okay?”

Snape patted Draco’s shoulder.

“The Dark Lord can’t stop you from falling in–”

Draco stood up and yelled, “I’m not falling in love, Severus!  First of all, I barely know the Weasel, and second of all, she’s a Weasley.  She’s a mudblood lover.  She’s a TRAITOR!”  Draco yelled.  “I can’t be caught flirting with traitors!  The Dark Lord would kill me, don’t you see?”

Snape just shook his head sadly.  “Draco, I’m going to tell you something that I’ve never told anyone before.  I was in love once, and she loved me, too.  Did you know that?  By that time, the Dark Lord was gaining more power, and I was swept up in it.  I was fifteen.  The girl I was dating was scared, she didn’t want me mixed up with things like that, so I hid it from her.  The Dark Lord found out about it, and told me I couldn’t love her anymore.  She was a muggle born, you see.  I was forced to break up with her, and I have never been happy since.”

“What happened to her?”  Asked Draco.

“She died.”  Snape said simply.

“Why did you tell me that story?”

“Because, Draco, if you’re feeling something, act on it.  The Dark Lord forced me to break up with the girl I loved, but he never stopped me from loving her.”

Draco stood up to leave, then stopped.



“What was her name?”

Snape paused, then said, “Lily Evans.”


Ginny sighed, and walked up to the boys dorm.  She knocked on the door, and it opened revealing Neville Longbottom in plaid pajamas, with a toothbrush in his mouth.  Ginny smiled at him, he was one of the only people she liked anymore.

“Hi Neville, is Dean here?”

“Nope, sorry.  I think he’s with Lavander.”

“Okay, thanks.”

“Err... Ginny?”


“Are you... okay?”

Ginny started.  “Yeah, Nev’, why?”

“Well... you always walk around with an angry look, you yell constantly at everyone, and I hear you smoke in the girls loo, and are always late to class and never do your homework... and stuff.  And now you’ve missed Quidditch!”  He wailed.

Ginny put on a false smile and said, “rumors.  They’re a bitch, yeah?”

Neville looked uncertainly at the girl that stood before him, and knew she was lying.  He could tell by her eyes.  There was no life behind them, it was like she was a robot with a bad attitude, just walking, and talking, pretending not to be hurting on the inside.

“Alright I gotta go, Neville.  Tell Dean I said that he and I can’t meet tomorrow night, I’ve got detention with Snape.”

“Yeah, sure will, Gin.”

Ginny gave him a genuine smile and walked down to the common room, deciding she wanted to wait up for her brother.


Lily Evans?  But wasn’t that...

“Potters mum?!”  Draco shouted.

Snape shook his head.

“But... but she was a...”

“A mudblood?  Yes, I’m well aware of that.  She was also the only one who accepted me...”

“How’d she end up with Potters dad, then?  If she loved you?”

“Our relationship ended at the end of our fifth year, and during her sixth, she started hanging out with Sirius, James, and Remus.  James had loved Lily for years, so he comforted her for a year, and it was looking grim for him to get a shot with her, because she loathed him.”

“Then why did she hang out with him?”

“She was friends with Remus.  But anyway, James and Lily became Head Boy and Girl, and I guess the hours they had to spend alone together finally paid off.  They fell in love, and the rest is history.”  Snape said sadly.

“Sir?”  Said Draco timidly after a few minutes silence.

“Sorry, Draco.  It’s hard, you see.  The Dark Lord ruins everything that isn’t about him, and I wish you would see that.”  He looked so sad, Draco wanted to comfort him, but he really didn’t know how.  “Go to bed, Draco, we shall talk tomorrow night.”

“Yessir.”  He got up slowly, and walked out of the classroom.  Instead of going to bed, though, he snuck outside to go sit by the lake.


Ginny and Ron were having a row.  It woke the whole house of Gryffindor up, resulting in everyone gathering in the common room to watch.











Ron spluttered for a few moments.



Ginny stopped yelling and started to cry.

“Ginny!  Said Ron running up to her, then put his arm around her.  “What’s wrong?”

“Tom.”  She whispered, then bolted out of the common room.


Draco lay on his back and watched the clouds move across the sky.  He was just about to nod off into sleep, when he heard footsteps, and then sobbing.  Sitting up, he hid himself in the shadows of the oak tree and watched the darkness.  A cloud moved and moonlight streamed onto the grounds, and Draco saw who it was.

Ginny had reached her oak, and climbed up to one of the branches.  Then she sobbed until she had no more tears to shed.  Only then did Draco make his appearance.

Ginny jumped, and fell out of the tree, only to land on Draco.

“Ouch!”  He grumbled, disentangling himself from Ginny.

“Why are you here!”  She yelled at him.

“Why are you here?  I thought crying was a sign of weakness, Weasley.”

Ginny started to tear up again.  “You wouldn’t understand.  No one does, not even my own brother.”   She turned away from Draco so he wouldn’t see the tears streaming down her cheeks.

He sighed grumpily and sat back down.  Once Ginny stopped crying she turned to face him.

“Sorry.”  She whispered.

“What for?”

“You were out here.  I disturbed you.  I’ll just... go back inside now.”  She turned to leave, but Draco grabbed her wrist.

“You don’t have to go, I was getting lonely anyway.”

Ginny smiled at him, and sat down.

“Thats twice you’ve seen me cry, thats more than any of my brothers, Harry and Hermione combined have seen.  It’s kinda funny, yeah?”

“Why is that?”

“Well... they’re my family, aren’t they?  I’ve never broken down in front of them.  But with you, it’s like I don’t care if you see me cry.  I know I should, you’re Draco sodding Malfoy, after all.  I should be embarassed, but I’m not.  I suppose it’s because we’re a lot alike.”  Ginny looked thoughtfully at Draco.

“I’m not like you” he sneered.  “That’s an insult.”

Ginny rolled her eyes.

“Malfoy, look.  Do you remember the day on the train?”


“I know you saw me.  You saw the real me.  We have the same eyes.”

Draco looked at her intently, then nodded.

“Yeah, I saw it.  There’s no life, no happiness.  Only pain and hatred.  Yeah.  I guess thats why I tolerate you.”

Ginny started to unlace her combat boots.  Once she slipped those off, she shed her robes, revealing a short leather skirt, fishnet stockings, and a once black shirt that was faded to grey that said ‘The Weird Sisters’ on it.

“What are you doing?”

“Come on, take off your robes.”

“What?!  Are you crazy?”

“Yes.”  Said Ginny laughing.  Then she slid out of her stockings, and threw them by her discarded shoes.  She turned to Draco and said, “come on!  I’m not playing around.  Strip to your boxers!  I hope they’re the ones with the Weasels on them!”

When Draco just kept staring at her, Ginny rolled her eyes and strode over to him, and pulled him to his feet.  “Are you daft?”  She said and then started pulling his robes off of him.  Surprisingly, he didn’t object.

Ginny laughed and said “I haven’t done this in such a long time!”

“What exactly are we doing?”  Said Draco, sounding hopeful.

Ginny snorted.  “Not that!  We’re going swimming!”

“We’re what?!”

“Going swimming!”  Ginny repeated.

“Swimming?!  But it’s... it’s November!”

“Yes and it’s rather warm out, don’t you think?  Probably the last warm day until spring.  Let’s not waste it!”

Draco just shrugged, and finished taking off his clothes.  He looked over at Ginny, very surprised that she was in just her knickers and bra.

Wow... was all he could think.  Who knew Weasel could look so... GOOD?!

“You shouldn’t hide behind baggy clothes and your brothers old robes.”  Draco said without thinking.

Ginny smiled and grabbed his hand.

“Come on!  Oh, and by the way, Weasels do suit you well.”

Draco looked down embarassed.  How was I to know she’d see them again?  Plus, mum bought me these.

They stopped at the waters edge, letting the water lap at their toes.  Ginny shivered.

“Lets not do this.”  Draco said.

“Scared, Malfoy?”

“You wish!”  He replied, and threw her in. 

But she anticipated it, and dragged him with her.  They both came up for air, Draco screaming in frustration, Ginny laughing her head off.

“Oh come on, Draco!  Loosen up!”  She swam towards him, the moonlight illuminating her figure.

She looks like an angel, Draco thought.  And... wait a minute, she called me Draco!


But Ginny had disappeared.

Suddenly, Draco felt himself being pulled underwater.  When he finally managed to resurface, he saw Ginny giggling like crazy.

“That was uncalled for!”

“Well, you won’t just have fun, Draco!”

“Yeah well, I don’t know how to.”

Ginny reached out and touched his arm.

“Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.  I just want to know how it feels like to have fun again, and I thought that if we both remembered... then maybe we could actually be friends.”

“How could you not know how to have fun, Ginny?  You have a great family, your brothers are bloody Fred and George!”

“Do you want to know why I came out here tonight?”


“Well Ron and I had a fight.  He told me that I was ‘fraternizing with the enemy’, meaning you, of course.  Then I said that it didn’t matter, it was my life, and then he said I was worrying the Dream Team, and I said they didn’t care about me, then...”

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